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Gloria Andino

Deportation Defense - Ecuador

I could not be more pleased with the work of the Law offices of Sodette Plunket in my removal proceeding case they go above and beyond the call, providing superior service with a 'human touch'. It's this kind of dedication and customer service that differentiates Sodette Plunket from other immigration law firms. We are delighted.

"...God knows I have been shouting in happiness, jumping up and down with unbelievable joy. I cannot truly express how I feel at this moment. .... I am so happy I can feel legal and without fear of leaving my Child and husband behind. Once again I have to make my genuine gratitude to you because it's amazing how far the process went, and how you guys did not at any moment had me doubt you or stress about the proceedings on my Papers. Thank You so much for such a Great Job and Effort, you all work as a team and it shows. May God bless your Business Always. Always Grateful. "

Monsurat Abisoye

Court Proceedings - Nigeria

After years of my sojourn in the ‘wilderness’ of Immigration struggle and cases, and spending thousands of dollars to some so called Immigration attorneys, I finally came in contact with Attorney Sodette Plunkett through the referral of a friend. Naturally I was skeptical at first, but after my first consultation interview, Sodette was able to analyze my case and what needs to be done before I would be able to obtain the benefits of my Green Card.


About 23 years ago, I was asked to be removed from US by an Immigration Judge. She attacked the case head long by removing deportation stigma off my records by forwarding an Appeal to the Immigration Court. Her passion and appeal was so strong and compelling that both the Prosecutors and the Judge seeing what she presented, both withdrew the Deportation order even without our need to appear in the Court. Whao! That blew the heart of my husband and I and brought to an end my nearly 23 years of Immigration cases in the US and was able to normalize my stay now with a Green Card. Attorney Sodette Plunkette really knows her job a genuine specialist in Immigration Services, not jack of all trades and master of none like about 5 attorneys I have worked with over the years. It is therefore, without any reservation, that I recommend this intelligent, dynamic lady and her team of attorneys and staff to anyone who needs a professional caring Immigration Law office to retain their services. Eh! Forget about how much you may pay for their services, remember, “You will laugh last” and get the result!

Johanna Franco

I-601A (Unlawful Waiver Process) - Mexico

Mi esposo y yo tuvimos una excelente experiencia con la abogada Sodette y su equipo de trabajo. Primero nosotros presentamos el caso por nosotros mismos y no nos fue muy bien y con la ayuda de la abogada Sodette y su equipo de trabajo pudimos aclarar muchas dudas y pudimos culminar de una manera mas rapida y eficaz el proceso. La abogada Sodette y su equipo son muy profesionales y humanos, te ayudan y siempre estan pendientes de sus clientes. Nosotros recomendamos a la abogada a cualquier persona que necesite arreglar su estatus migratorio. Le agradecemos a la abogada Sodette y a su equipo por tomar nuestro y por hacer que nuestra vida ahora este mas tranquila ya que el proceso termino con exito y ahora gracias a Dios y a todas las personas que estuvieron con nosotros mi esposo ya tiene sus papeles.

Nuevamente mil gracias a la abogada Sodette y a su equipo. Dios los bendiga.

Ms. Howard

Cancellation of Removal - Trinidad and Tobago

"I'm a single mother of three United States Citizen children and I've lived in the United States since 1985. When I came to Mrs. Plunkett, I was already ordered deported from the United States.

Mrs. Plunkett successfully reopened my order of deportation and applied for Cancellation of Removal. Her staff was diligent in preparing the case and guiding me in obtaining the necessary paperwork. Today I'm a happy Green Card holder, thanks to Sodette K-M Plunkett, P.C."

Ms. Hernandez

Motion to Reopen - Peru

"I had an order of deportation from 1990 (20 years ago) and had lost hope after so many years. Fortunately, Mrs. Plunkett and her staff worked tirelessly and were successful in having my Motion to Reopen granted. I am grateful for all their hard work and could not ask for a better attorney and staff."

Mr. Choudhary

Visa-U - Pakistan

"I am from Pakistan and I was the victim of a crime. When I explained my problem to Mrs. Plunkett, they comforted me and supported me. Mrs. Plunkett obtained a Visa-U for both my wife and I. After many years apart, my wife and I will finally reunite thanks to the hard work of the staff at Sodette K-M Plunkett, P.C.

When I come for an appointment, it is like I am talking to family, not attorneys. Mrs. Plunkett and her staff are extremely honest in all the business that they do, and i can never find enough words to thank her for everything she has done and continues to do for my family and I."

Ms. Montufar

Adjustment of Status based on Violence against Women Act (VAWA) - Peru

Ms. Vilchez is the Lead Legal Secretary at Sodette K-M Plunkett & Associates, where she has worked since 2015.  As the manager of the front desk, she provides support to all clients, attorneys and paralegals. Ms. Vilchez has over 10 years of experience and prides herself in delivering exceptional customer service to every client she meets.


Her duties include managing the office calendar, handling all incoming calls and addressing concerns clients may have during the course of their case.  She is also trained to assist with retainer agreements, FBI’S, FOIA’S and work permits.


Ms. Vilchez holds an Associate’s Degree in Paralegal Studies and Psychology from Union County College in Cranford, New Jersey.  She is fluent in Spanish.

Mrs. Oliveira

Asylum - Brazil

"I found Mrs. Plunkett by referral of a friend. I did not know Mrs. Plunkett or her staff but soon I was able to see that i had met great professionals. I am very grateful to all the staff of Sodette K-M Plunkett, P.C. for all their work on my case."

Pastor Maurilio de Oliveira e Familia

Adjustment of Status based on Religious Worker Petition


"A advogada Sodette nos deu atencao especial, nos tratou como amigos. Nos passou grande seguranca, quando depois de vermos 3 advogados nenhum nos deu qualquer esperanca, ela se pos pronta a defender nossa causa, com todo o rigor, todo o cuidado e proficionalismo dela e sua equipe que foram muito atenciosos.

Agradecemos a Deus, por ter posto Sodette em nosso caminho e agradecemos a ela por alem de ser nossa advogada, tambem ter sido nossa grande amiga."

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